It was a sunny weekend in San Francisco. Ryan and Alana were throwing a Holiday party with family and friends that evening. Ryan spent most of the afternoon scrambling through SF's busy streets, collecting all of the beverages and spirits needed to make some specialty cocktails. Ryan has a history of bartending in England years back. So, the drinks had to be great!

Guests gathered that evening at Alana and Ryan's home, and everyone was mingling and having a great time! Ryan is rushing around, ensuring there is enough ice, making cocktails around the clock. He was exhausted and realized that he didn't spend as much time as he hoped with his guests.

The next day Ryan woke up and thought, there has to be a better way to do this. The next event he planned on throwing, he wanted to hire a bartender. Ryan was on the phone, explaining what he needed over and over again with multiple companies. He also sent several emails, waiting to hear responses that would only come days later. The process was inefficient and frustrating!

Ryan and Alana sat down and came up with a simple and efficient way to book and provide bartending services to your everyday person. This was when Happiest Ours was born. Happiest Our's is a black-owned family business created to deliver a quality bartending service at a great price. With a simple three-drink menu package, fresh ingredients, Covid-19 ready portable bar, and charismatic bartenders, Happiest Our's is sure to elevate any gathering and give the host time back to enjoy their event.