What locations do you provide service to?
We currently provide our bartending service in the Inland Empire.
Can I book a bar on the same day as my event?
Based on availability, we require at least 72 hours to book.
Do you provide refunds to canceled events?
90% refund if cancelled 7 days prior to event date
70% refund if cancelled 2 days prior to event date
50% refund if cancelled within 2 days of event date
Do you have insurance?
Yes we have a $1M General Liability policy and a $1M liquor liability policy.
What are your rates?
This will depend on the number of people served, number of bartenders and package chosen.

Happiest Ours Package Which includes portable bar, cups, ice, mixtures, garnishes, straws, napkins, bartender:
• $50 an hour per bartender up to 50 guests
• $65 an hour per bartender up to 75 guests

Please note: If a lower guest count is selected than the actual guest you run the risk of running out of the items listed above. Accuracy of guest count helps to keep the party going!

Bartender Only:
• $30 an hour per bartender up to 75 guests
Do you provide liquor?
Due to state laws, we are not permitted to provide liquor for an event. However, our team of professional bartenders serves a variety of drinks from our exclusive Happiest Our menus. You bring the liquor and we mix it up!
What do you bring?
Happiest Ours Package includes a portable bar, cups, ice, mixtures, garnishes, straws, napkins, and a bartender. Our bartender service only provides one of our cerified bartenders.
Can I choose more than 3 drinks?
The Short answer, unfortunately not. We oer a 3 drink menu to quickly get cocktails in your guest hands as soon as possible. However, with choosing the Happiest Ours package we will bring everything but the alcohol for your 3 selected drinks. We will definitely serve anything else you provide for your party.
Do you sell alcohol?
What happens if I need to cancel?
Please email us at book@happiestours.com with the following information:
• Confirmation Number
• Event Date
• Name

Please note that cancellation fees will apply
Does the customer get to keep any left over mixers?
Any opened mixers we will leave with the customer. Unopened mixers will be returned to Happiest Ours.
How much alcohol should I buy for my party?
If you select the Happiest Ours package, we will recommend the amount of alcohol you need for the three chosen cocktails. We will also recommend the amount of beer and wine if you choose to serve this in addition to your selected drinks.
How many bartenders do I need for my party?
We recommend 1 bartender for every 50 guests for the best experience. You can get away with 1 bartender for every 75 guests, however, there might be some delays.
What is the minimal amount of hours to book a package?
There is a minimum of 3 hours for each package.
What if I need to change my event details?
Changing the date will resort to the cancellation policy. Changing the time will have no change in cost, however, this time change may not be guaranteed based on availability.
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